Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Too Easy DIY Rustic Shelf

Now here is what I call an easy DIY project.  It's my very own rustic shelf for our master bedroom.  I strategically placed it on my husband's side of the bed.  That way he can feel like something in the room suits him, you know, with the rustic-ness and all.  I let him pick out the items to go on the shelf, but in the end he just said I should pick them out.  I smiled.

First, a couple of pine brackets.  Mine were $2 from the local thrift store.  New ones wouldn't be much more than that, especially if you're going for the same simple look.  Next, an old weathered and worn board.  I literally picked mine out from our backyard.  It was leaning up against the shed and I don't know how long it had been there, but by the looks of it, a very longtime!  Last, a cute puppy dog to encourage your every move with unconditional curiosity.  Meet Dodger.

I chose to paint my brackets an off-white to match our decor and to contrast with the board, helping it stand out with it's rustic goodness.  Then I simply hung the brackets on the wall and placed the board on top.  My board wasn't the same width as the brackets but it still works just fine as long as the board was pulled to the edge of the brackets.  Next, add whatever items you like!  A pretty simple idea that can add a lot of functional space and subtract a lot of empty boring wall space!  

I know this is very simple, but that is why I like it. 

I would LOVE to do this again somewhere else with a little different look.  Maybe a piece that used to be painted but now is so weathered it has a natural distressed look with only a bit of the color from the paint left.  It's fun searching for an old piece of wood that hasn't had a purpose for a while.  My neighbors recently told me I could have the wood from their old red picnic table that has been sitting outside for quite some time and the paint has chipped off in most places.  Sounds beautiful!

Check out this beautiful painted shelf and the detail in the brackets.  I think this is an option for my next shelf as well!

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  1. I love this, and plan to make my own shelf as soon as I can! My kids have a tree house that they have long outgrown. I was trying to think of a project that would re-purpose some of the wood. You've given me a great idea! Maybe I'll make 2 shelves and use each shelf to display items for each child. It'll be a shelf AND a memory! Thanks so much!

  2. I like your shelf too. i love the rustic look, it has a lot of charm!