Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Mosaic Tile on a Mirror

I decided to work on a more crafty project that would help me tackle at least a little bit of my massive amounts of blank wall space.  I started with the master bedroom with a blue color scheme.  I recently learned how to mosaic and have wanted to try again, so here it goes...

First, a cheap mirror from the thrift store.  Then, remove ugly frame.

Begin placing your tiles where you like them.  I used broken pieces of larger tiles.  I'm not too fond of the little perfect square pieces that most stores sell.

Now you're ready to tape up the mirror so the grout doesn't get all over.

Now time to grout!

Wipe clean once grout has dried and that's it!

The mosaic "D" is one that my mom made for us.  The "D" is the acronym for our last name and is actually made out of pieces of scrap booking paper on a wooden "D" and a protective glaze of mod podge over it.  Looks legit doesn't it!


  1. Hey Kate! How is it you have no comments? I love your mosaics! I found you when looking for diy trivet ideas. I especially like your pretty blue mirror mosaic. Where do you find the lovely patterned tiles? Do you buy the tiles then break them into pieces for mosaic art? recommend using a whole large ceramic tile as a base for my mosaic trivet? I have some pretty colored glass and broken china I've been wanting to experiment with. What do you think?

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