Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beach Cottage Cupboard

The cupboard before and after:


First, I mixed my own custom colors with old white paint and some turquoise paint from the ReStore.  I used mason jars to store my newly created colors of paint and they worked perfectly!

Then, begin painting.  We started with a base color, and then painted over it with a new color. 

Then, we went back over with a third tint of turquoise and painted only every other board.

Once all three shades were on the door, we (hubby) sanded it to give it a worn "beachy" look.

The back boards were sanded as well.

Next, the appliques.

Started with a fresh white coat.

I watered down my darker color of turquoise and slathered it on.

I immediately blotted it with a dry cloth to remove most of the color, leaving a nice tint.

All dry!

And there you have it!  Our beach cottage corner cupboard!

The door is my favorite part.  I LOVE how you can see all the colors, even down to the original white!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I absolutely love it Kate! What a brilliant make-over. I have a corner in my dining room where it would look perfect!!!! Happy weekend to you too. xxx